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Santa and Baby Jesus

A story that has rarely been told is when Santa Claus went to worship the Baby Jesus at the manger. Oh, long after the Three Wisemen, shepherds and angels had left, Santa flew quietly into Bethlehem to honor the Baby Jesus. After all, time means nothing to Santa. He can fly his reindeer to the past and into the future. And one particularly difficult Christmas in 1942, Santa decided to go to Bethlehem on that oh so holy night long ago. He wanted a reminder as to why he did what he did, for Jesus had inspired him to share love, joy, and laughter throughout the world.

It was many years before Santa realized that sacred moment had been captured in a beautiful painting by a famous artist.

So on Christmas morning, one month from today, don't forget that you're also celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ as much as you are excited about the gifts you've received. 

Merry Christmas from the North Pole.

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Aimee Dunn said...

Does anyone know if this painting is for sale?

Candace Salima said...

It is. You may purchase it at http://www.portraitartistnc.com/GWsanta.html

Jeff said...

Who is the artist?

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