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The "Real Santa"

Santa received this letter from one of his favorite families to visit every year. Mrs. Tanner likes to dress up as Mrs. Santa. This year was the year of the unfortunate "chimney incident" but Santa rocks it either way!

We have a big Christmas party every year on the 23rd of December. Ever since we moved to Santaquin we have had the privilege of having the "REAL SANTA" come to our home for our family party. My granddaughter, who is 9, told her mother and her friends that she see's people that are dressed up like Santa, but the "Real Santa" comes to her Grandma and Grandpa's house every year! And he does. He is the best ever and treats our grandchildren so cute. He takes the time to learn all their names (of course by now he knows them all) and makes them feel so special. He has a real beard and looks so great! He is just the best and we all love him and we know you will too. He will always be "Our Santa Claus"...because he is worth it!

Sincerely Ron and Jane Tanner and our whole great big family!!!!

If you'd like Santa to come to your party, call 801-473-5232 and ask for Mrs. Claus. She's the one who schedules all of Santa's appearances during the Christmas season.

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